I do’ Musing and Ramblings!


A year which I wouldn’t forget!


1. The journey from Me to us!

2. Left the job and people whom I loved the most

3.  Lost me & a friend!

many more to go…….

Did I know then taking a plunge would make it so different for me that I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror?

As my  best friend said, “that’s life!”

Massive changes in our both lives created ripples in all of our other relationships. is it for good or worse, that journey will tell us!

Saying I do wasn’t easy for us, but we thought our “friends” will hold us on!

Sadly things change after the I do! All the pen pals, WhatsApp pals, meetup pals, 2 o’clock pals disappear as they thought “‘I” change! But do relationships change with someone coming, I still wonder!

That’s life! As we grow to the toothless journey, It’s always me and the best friend!

Glad that best friend still holds on!

That’s first change when you say I do! Many Musings and Rambling coming soon!